Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about Netc Barcode Labels. However, if you have any question or concern that are not listed below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

1. Where do I get the software?

The Netc Barcode Label Printing software may be downloaded from the Download Demo page.  This enables you to try out the software limited  up to 10 accesses ... or 30 days or print 75 labels whichever is first.  If you have any questions we are here to make your life easier.  Just call and we'll lead you through production step by step.  Once you purchase the Netc Label Printing Software you will be issued with an activation key to release all restrictions from the demonstration version to a fully functional production version.

2. Anything special when using with Windows 7 & 8

When using the Netc Software with Windows 7 and 8 please download the following instructions           

3. Do I have to use the Netc label stock?

Yes, the Netc label stock is specifically designed to be used in the data storage environment and be used with the Netc Label Printing software.  When you purchase label stock we will provide you with a refill key which 'tops up your tank' .  This 'top up' reflects the number of labels you have purchased (plus quite a few to cover printer errors).  By setting the label inventory level, you will be reminded when you are running low on stock.  New stock takes 1-2 days for delivery.

4. How many characters can I have on my label?

The number of characters is limited by the library/auto-loader manufacturer.  We refer to these specifications when producing your label.  The usual number is 6 alpha/numerics.  Should you wish extra human readable only characters (these won't be represented by the barcode when scanned) then we can use our signature/enhanced features of the software.  See some of the things we can do Barcode Samples

5. Í've just installed the software and the barcode is not showing up, what can I do?

If no barcodes show in the bitmap view or either a label or palette it means that the fonts were not setup properly.  Simply open the control panel and double click on the Fonts icon.  Locate "NetcCode39" and double click it.  After the sample window appears, close it.  Do the same for "Verdana", "Gill Sans Condensed" and "OCR-A".  Now within the Netc software redisplay the current label.

6. What are Positional Palettes?

Positional palettes allows you to define the attributes based on the position of the character rather than the character itself.  The Positional palette override the Character palette being used in the job.  For example, you can set the background of the first three positions to have a background of RED regardless of the character in those positions and the last three positions shown as character specific.

7. What is FPA (Fine Print Adjustment?

This adjustment is provided to correct the "black" bias correcting printing of the  black barcode elements being produced either too narrow or too wide.  We recommend the setting of 3.

8. What's the difference between a Serial and an Ad-Hoc job?

A serial job is one where the labels are of a particular sequence.  For example labels 000001, 000002, ..... 000100,  ABC145, ABC146, ABC147 ....ABC244.

An ad-hoc job is one where the labels are not sequencial.  For example JANWK1, FEBWK1, MARWK1 etc.

9. Why must I shut down the Netc Software at the end of the day?

The Netc Barcode Label System software must be restarted each day to ensure timely advice from the Label Inventory Manager.  The reminder generated from the Label Reorder Point is only activated when Netc is restarted.

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